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By FVPB, 05/02/19, 2:30PM PDT


Effective immediately, PONY Baseball will allow the use of bats within the 2 ½" barrel classification. Currently, PONY Baseball's rules approve bats within the 2 ¼" or 2 5/8" barrel classifications. Given that the 2 ½" model falls within the spectrum of PONY's two approved barrel classifications and has received the USABat stamp of approval, the PONY International Board of Directors agreed to deem the bat suitable for play.

"PONY has worked closely with the manufacturers and USA Baseball to ensure that the best available baseball bats are on the market for our athletes," stated Abraham Key, President & CEO of PONY Baseball and Softball. "The 2 ½" bat model is another example of demand by the consumer for a lighter bat for our entry level younger players that will pass the USABat standard."

Typically in bat testing, the number associated with the bat refers to its bat classification, not an exact measurement. Bats within the 2 5/8" barrel classification have the largest allowable barrel diameter within the USABat standard. To read more about USA Baseball's USABat Standard, click